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Just a few months ago, California was ravaged by some of the most damaging fires our state has witnessed

Although the horrific event is not front page news anymore, many of the 300,000+ people who were affected are only now beginning to put the pieces of their lives back together

Spring is a time of rebirth • New growth • Planting new seeds so to speak

We wanted to tap into this symbolic time of renewal and host a fund to help those directly affected by the fires in establishing new roots

Enter our Spring Seeding Fund
For the month of March, 50% of profits from every Mary Joe Hemp Seed Pack will be donated to the Wildfire Relief Fund. WRF provides grants to those who were displaced or lost housing, belongings and/or employment, suffered physical or mental health problems; help to rebuild homes; provide case management services, basic needs assistance, mental health services and financial assistance.

Furthermore, one special Seed Pack will contain a green ticket worth 50 Free Bottles of Mary Joe CBD Cold Brew!!!

Want to participate? Here’s how.

-Visit our web store to Purchase 1 or more Mary Joe Hemp Seed Packs anytime during the month of March (Link In Bio)
-Tag 3 friends in the comments of this post
-Repost this image to your story!

P.S. After summer, We will be doing another giveaway, awarding more righteous prizes to those who yield the most impressive Mary Joe Hemp Plants, so now is the perfect time to stock up on seeds!




Mary Joe Planet Seeding Program

Grow your own Hemp plant & join the planet seeding movement! Each packet consists of 10 Organic Hemp seeds & growing instructions. Contains high levels of CBD & other naturally occurring cannabinoids. 


Your Hemp plant has grown to maturity, now what?

Juice the leaves or add them to smoothies to enjoy hemp’s many benefits in raw form. You can infuse coconut oil with the flower to make your own CBD rich hemp oil. Gift the plant to a special friend or simply keep it in the soil to enrich your living area with hemp’s high vibrational frequency & air purifying qualities.


Non Psychoactive
(this product contains less than 0.03% of THC)

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